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Baby Launch Grant

Grant HerStory:


This grant was created by Leandra Medine Cohen, the founder of Man Repeller, a media company through which she shared in detail her own fertility journey through IVF, miscarriage, and the ultimate conception of her twin daughters.


In June 2020, amid a surfacing scourge of unconscionable racial injustice, she stepped down from an operating role in her company. The subsequent weeks of soul searching led her to FFCG, eager to figure out how to give underrepresented and minority individuals who have higher incidences of infertility and declining access to treatment and resources the chance to bring new life to this world. With this grant, Leandra hopes to help individuals of African descent who do not have the wherewithal to move forward or access treatment, have the opportunity to launch not just their own babies, but the new life our world needs.

African American Kids Dancing

Created in collaboration with Fertility for Colored Girls, NFP, this grant is a step in the fight towards maternal rights, justice, equality, and equitability for Black people who deserve a chance to become parents. 

More info to come as to how to apply.

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