Family Building Options

There is no cookie cutter approach for building a family as the family building journey is different for each family. Often, the decision making regarding non-traditional ways of having a child can be overwhelming for individuals and couples -- because for many, all of their lives, they believed they were able to have children in the traditional manner with no problem, especially African Americans. Learning the various types of family building options is the first step to fighting infertility and starting a family. In addition to the use of fertility medications and choosing to live child free, the following are examples of family building options:


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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is an option for women seeking to preserve their fertility due to certain cancers or because they have postponed pregnancy for a variety of reasons such as they have not found the right person, focused on careers or do not feel they are ready to have children. Cost vary widely from $6500-$15,000. Women seeking to freeze eggs should consult a specialist for further direction.