Love, Intimacy and Fertility

March 15, 2014

First let’s get back to the basics. What do you mean by the term “love”? What do you mean by the term “intimacy”? What does your partner mean by those terms?More often times than not men and women define love and intimacy totally differently. THAT’S JUST A FACT,  JACK and the sooner this is acknowledged and accepted in a relationship the better. Our discussion during the Feb. 26 panel on love and intimacy also confirmed this.


Many men tend to express and define love/intimacy via some form of physical connectedness (fill in the blanks… all of them…). Many women tend to express and define love/intimacy via some form of “Beingness”, “Emotional Connectedness” and to borrow a term from Iyanla Vanzant, “In-To-Me-See”ness… And to make things even more interesting and complicated, a person's definition, ability and preferred expression of love/intimacy can change over time. There’s amazing beauty in our diversity and differences (it's all a matter of perspective and attitude)...


Question Of The Day (QOTD) – What assumptions are you making? Male & Female FFCG Gladiators, do you REALLY know and understand how your partner defines and expresses love and intimacy? Is your partner REALLY clear on how you define and express love and intimacy?Homework For The Day (HFTD) - If not, take the time to talk with (not ‘talk to’, not ‘talk at’ but ‘Talk WITH’) your partner to figure it out. (the point is not to change or fix anything... the point is to just figure it out for now...)

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