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Host a Sister Circle

The gathering together of women or "Sister Circles" have been significant to the growth, development and healing for African American women. Sister Circles have been the vehicle by which African American women have built sisterhood, held sacred conversations, participated in ritual, passed on advice as well as information regarding the various aspects of womanhood.  FFCG invites you to join in the Fight Against Infertility and host a "Sister Circle" with friends and family to participate in inspiring as well as interactive dialogue concerning reproductive health and fertility.  All participants will participate in a Sister Circle discussion, good, fellowship, ritual and also have the opportunity to provide a financial donation to FFCG's Fight Against Infertility.


Host a Prayer Circle

A" Prayer Circle is usually comprised of individuals who are holding the same intention for one another. It is through prayer, that individuals cultivate a powerful energy that allows them to connect in sacred oneness with the Ultimate Power Source, the Divine. Prayer Circles are a perfect way for women to come together and provide support for one another via prayer, requesting prayer for someone else, oneself or sharing one's thoughts.  If you are a prayer warrior and  believe that the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avails much, contact FFCG to start a Prayer Circle today!

Sponsor A Sister

Undergoing alternative family building options can not only be physically and emotionally exhausting, but it can be expensive as well.  IVF, Donor Eggs, Surrogacy and Adoption costs can add up.  Each year, Fertility for Colored Girls will identify and provide resources to African American Women participating in alternative family building options. You can give hope and women/couples  experiencing infertility to help afford and/or gain access to  fertility treatments. 

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Prayer Circle Schedules


Every Monday, beginning, April 1, 2013 at 6AM (CST) FFCG will begin to circle women/couples experiencing infertility and desiring to build a family with prayer. Feel free  to submit prayer concerns  via website and JOIN FFCG:

DIAL IN: (605) 475-4000  &  Access Code: 639452#

Click here for more info or to submit a prayer request for HOPEPrayer Circle:

 HopePrayer Circle

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