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Photo Gallery 

Fertility for Colored Girls, INC hosts many exciting and inspiring events. The pictures on this page bear witness to the work that FFCG seeks to do in order to Fight Infertility and Give Hope!

Exclusive! Photos from the Second Annual Hats, Heels & Hankies Tea Fundraiser!

Photos by Martin McKinney

Photos from the Launch of Fertility for Colored Girls 3/8/2013. Thanks to all for your support!

Special Thanks to Gallery Guichard for hosting, Gorges Catering and SarahtheDesigner!

Age & Fertility: Am I as Fertile as I look? 6.25.2013

 Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn & Dr. Jessica Shepherd (Her Viewpoint) special guest on the Ask Pastor Corey Brooks Show, Inspiration 1390; Raising Awareness about the Silent Epidemic of African American Women and Fibroids and Fertility for Colored Girls , 7.22.2013

African American women and Fibroids: The Silent Epidemic, 7.23.2013

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