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FFCG Partners with RMA + Pearl for Grant 

Grant HerStory:


To help individuals and couples of color experiencing infertility build families of their dreams, Fertility for Colored Girls (FFCG) and Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) announced today a partnership to award full grants for invitro fertilization
(IVF) cycles to eligible recipients across the U.S.


While approximately 12% of American women of reproductive age struggle with infertility, studies show that Black women are twice as likely as white women to experience fertility problems and are less likely to receive fertility treatments.

Happy Family


Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly below.

  • Submission of application does not guarantee receipt of grant

  • Funds will be awarded directly to service providers; no funds will be disbursed to individuals

  • Funds must be used within 6 months of award

  • All information provided on this application must be accurate and truthful. If you are awarded grant, and it is determined that information you provided was falsified, you will be responsible for repaying FFCG

  • If there are any changes in insurance status, income or otherwise prior to gift award, you must contact FFCG

  • FFCG has the right to confirm that applicants are in good standing with their fertility clinic

  • If you receive this grant, you agree to have your story and photo published and released as a recipient

  • FFCG and RMA do not guarantee a successful pregnancy or live birth

  • Grant includes one IVF cycle with genetic testing (up to 10 embryos) and 1 year of frozen embryo storage.

  • Patient is financially responsible for the cost of embryo freezing (after 1 year) and any subsequent frozen embryo transfers

  • If donor sperm or eggs are necessary, the recipient is responsible for the costs associated

    Included in grant award:     

  • Office Visits    

  • Endocrine Monitoring    

  • Ultrasound Monitoring    

  • Oocyte Retrieval    

  • Thawing of cryopreserved embryos    

  • Prep of embryos for transfer    

  • Embryo transfer procedure

  • Medication   

    Not included in grant award: 

  • Services prior to start of the IVF cycle

  • Embryo Re-freeze

  • Yearly Embryo storage

  • Anesthesia

  • Donor egg/sperm 

How to Apply

Click here to apply. Application is open until August 1.

Learn more about RMA and Pearl Mini IVF.

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