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Fertility for Colored Girls in the News

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Our goal is spread as much hope and information as we can about options, resources and support for women and couples who struggle with infertility. We have also had some great opportunities to share our message with the media, including the New York Times, Doug Banks show, the Chicago Defender, the Chicago Crusader, Tom Joyner Morning Show Community Watch, Cliff Kelley Show and Perri Small radio shows on WVON 1390AM and Truth B Told News Service.


We will be adding to this page as our message spreads in the news! Please click on the links below to view our press kit or read or view our media appearances. 




NOVA: Fighting For Fertility

Minority couple in West Michigan face unexpected hurdle while on the search for an egg donor

Lack of minority egg donors impacting local family

Rev. Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn on Her Mission To Improve Black Fertility Care


Stacey Edwards-Dunn on African American Infertility and the Church’s Response

How one woman's road to pregnancy led her to confront stereotypes about black women and fertility




'Michelle Obama effect' sees more black women seeking fertility treatment 1 year after 'Becoming'

Women of color share their struggles with infertility - GMA

Robin Roberts Presents Thriver Thursday - Reverend Stacey

Thriver Thursday Live - Infertility


The Birth of a Ministry: The Testimony of Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn

Mental Health in Black Moms is Largely Ignored. 5 Ways We Can Improve It

Documentary: Can Race Impact Your Fertility?

Here's Why Many Black Women are Silent about their Struggles with Infertility

The Crippling Cost of Infertility




From IVF to Miscarriages: 5 Ways We Can Talk About Infertility

Michelle Obama's Story Could Mean a Lot to Black Women Facing Infertility

The Significance of Michelle Obama's Fertility Story

This is Why We Choose to Talk About Black Women and Infertility

How Race Impacts Your Fertility

These Support Groups are Helping Black Women Through Their Infertility Struggles



FFCG Moms Featured on Windy City Live

Confronting the Stigma of Infertility in African American women





Charlotte has a new support group for black women coping with infertility

Olympia Fields resident helps women struggling with infertility problems

Women Wishing to be Moms Often Missing  from Mother's Day Worship

Please, Baby Please: Making the Mommy Move Later

Fertility for Colored Girls Launches a Detroit Chapter






Women in Ministry

The Cost of Infertility and Why Black Women Suffer in Silence





Chicago Nonprofit Empowers Women Struggling with Infertility to Build Families

Five Myths About Women of Color, Infertility and IVF Debunked

FFCG Launches ATL Chapter

Fertility Centers of Illinois Rallies Community Support During National Infertility Awareness Week

Ease the Pain of Infertility During National Infertility Awareness Week

Ease the Pain of Infertility on Your Heart and Wallet

From Empty Arms to Parenthood: Angela and Kyonn's Story



Local Woman Speaks Up About Infertility in African American Women





Rev. Stacey talks to Fertility Revolution

Rev. Stacey, FFCG Members in Washington, D.C. talk to the New York Times

African-Americans & Infertility - Rev. Stacey and FFCG Member Brandi Harris Featured in Chicago Defender
Fitness for Fertility Fundraiser Mentioned in Chicago Crusader

Fertility for Colored Girls Announces National Infertility Awareness Week 2014 Events
Fertility for Colored Girls to Discuss Infertility at Black Women's Expo

Fertility Resources for WOC


Rev. Stacey and FFCG Member Toni Husbands Featured on WCIU's "You & Me This Morning" Inspiring U segment

Rev. Stacey talks to the Doug Banks Radio Show About Infertility





FFCG Chapter Launches in Richmond, Va.

FFCG Featured in TBT News Service

National Infertility Awareness Week 2013 Press Kit - April 21-27

   - NIAW Prayer Litany



Rev. Stacey talks to Tom Joyner Morning Show Community Watch 
Rev. Stacey talks to Perri Small on WVON - Part 1

Rev. Stacey talks to Perri Small on WVON - Part 2 

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