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Join the Fight

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Chances are you know someone who is struggling with infertility. Whether it is you, your sister, daughter, niece  or friend, you can Join the Fight against infertility and give hope as we are all our "Sister's Keeper"!  



Coping with the challenges of infertility can be a tough and lonely reality. Fertility for Colored Girls wants to support you every step of the way and provide a safe space for you. FFCG offers services that not only heighten awareness and provide financial opportunities for those seeking to have a family, but FFCG also empowers and encourages you to live your life with hope. Contact FFCG to attend a support group meeting, to set up time for counseling with one of our experts or to find out more info about financial scholarships for infertility services or alternative service such as adoption.


Fertility for Colored Girls offers educational programs and events that increase awareness via providing comprehensive  education that helps women of color make healthy decisions regarding reproductive health, infertility and having a family. Each event consists of experts on reproductive health and infertility such as Reproductive Endocrinologists, Attorneys, Adoption Agencies, Donor Agencies, Integrative Medicine and Health Coaches and more as well as women who have blessed with the gift of a child after their challenges with infertility.  Thus, we invite the community (churches, businesses, etc.)  to join us in helping us to fight infertility and give hope to those who seeking to bring the gift of child into their lives. Contact FFCG to join the FIGHT against Infertility.


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