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Holistic Alternatives

There are  a variety of Alternative treatments like acupuncture, yoga, nutrition and massage that individuals have used to boost and enhance their fertility. Although, not scientifically approved, many women have testified to how alternative treatments have helped to enhance their fertility by lowering their stress, bringing the body back into balance, and more. Individuals choosing to participate in alternative medicine should check with their practitioner first.  


Fertility Yoga

Fertility Massage Therapy

Food for Fertility

For centuries, massage therapy has been utilized to help women enhance fertility. Fertility ​massage therapy  can have a powerful impacts on the body's reproductive system. In addition to being relaxing, fertility massages can help promote hormonal balance, reduce stress and stress hormones, increase blood circulation to the uterus & cervix, help the body rid itself of stagnant blood and more.  Various massages are appropriate for different phase s of the journey, therefore, it is pertinent that you obtain a massage by people fully trained with a concentration in infertility and pregnancy. Nevertheless, fertility massage therapy can be a natural beneficial vehicle to help women increase their fertility.

A safe and gentle workout, Yoga is a gentle practice that focuses on deep breathing, meditation, stretching, guided visualization to help cultivate relaxation in the participant. Fertility Yoga is a great way for one to relax, relieve stress and calm down as they navigate the journey to build a family. Fertility Yoga not only calms the mind, body and spirit, but it has also played a significant role in helping to better align the pelvis as well as increase blood flow all of which can help the body to conceive. Although Yoga is not a stand alone treatment to cure infertility, fertility Yoga is a great way for women to not only experience themselves and connect with their body, but it is a way for women to help relieve stress, feel nurtured and gain the strength soldier through an emotional process.

It is important to eat healthy when trying to get pregnant as the type of foods that one eats has the capability of enhancing fertility. Try to cut out processed and fatty foods such as chips, fried foods, and cakes. In addition, cut out sugary foods, caffeine and try to eat meals rich in fruits, leafy vegetables and wholegrain that are hight in folic acid. Additionally, try to decrease the amount of red meat and replace with high protein meats such as chicken and fish (wild caught preferably).  Also, drink lots of water, avoid cigarettes as well as any other drugs, loose weight if struggling with obesity and consult your doctor about a good vitamin and exercise  regimen.  A healthy diet and lifestyle can help boost fertility in both men and women.

An age old treatment, acupuncture is an alternative treatment in which ultra-thin, sterile needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points on the body. Some studies show that acupuncture has been helpful in enhancing fertility by reducing stress, balancing hormones, strengthening the immune system and more. Although acupuncture does not promise a successful pregnancy, it can be helpful in helping patients to relax as they go through the challenging journey of infertility. Individuals considering acupuncture should be intentional about receiving permission from their physician to receive treatment.

Holistic Fertility Tips

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 Mia Gassi, Health Coach and Founder of Powered By Nature Nutrition

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