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Delayed But Not Denied...We Made It To 40 Weeks!

Written by FFCG Founder Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn

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It seems like yesterday that we announced our pregnancy to our family and village.

Many people had no idea about the depth of our 6-year struggle with infertility that included 8 rounds of IVF, more than 850 injections, 1 fET, more than 14 embryos transferred and over $100,000, a unicornate uterus, lupus, much disappointment, heartbreak. There were moments that I almost gave up. The unsuccessful cycles and the emotional roller coasters were taking a toll on me.

However, with much prayer, a push from my husband Earl and encouragement from a few friends to try again, by the grace of God, on January 2, 2014 at approximately 2:36 p.m., we were informed that our struggle was over and one embryo implanted. On that day, God turned our mourning into dancing as we glorified God for the precious gift that had begun to grow within me. And, today, beloved, we are excited to say that we made it to 40 weeks pregnant.

Soon, we will be able to gift and this miracle that we know would've never have been possible without God! Let me tell you, my pregnancy was one filled with nothing but joy as I have no complaints -- especially after the years of waiting and trying to conceive. I sought to cherish and celebrate every moment of the pregnancy. Everything I experienced from morning sickness, dizziness, heartburn, extreme hunger, weight gain, uncomfortable moments and more was all worth having the gift of this little life grow and develop inside of me to the beat and rhythm of my heart beat that only she could hear for 40 weeks.

The doctors have been amazed at my pregnancy as said, "You have done better than many others!" When I turned 38 weeks, one doctor said told me I overcame all the odds.

They didn't think we would make it to 38 weeks, let alone 40, and we did.

They didn't think my uni-cornate uterus was going to be able to expand enough to hold the baby and it did.

They thought I would have problems with my lupus and I didn't.

They were concerned about my age, but I had no problems.

They told me, "You have overcome all odds."

And you know, I know that we overcame because we are covered by the blood of Jesus and because God is so faithful. And because of God's faithfulness, today we are blessed and waiting to hold, love and embrace a miracle that only God could have created and given.

So today, I share a little piece of our story because I want others to know who are struggling with infertility to know that there is hope. The plan and the path to get to the goal may be different than you have planned, but there is hope. I encourage you to be persistent, prayerful and open to God's plan for you to become a parent. And trust that God has a plan rather that be through natural conception, IVF, IUI, Adoption, Foster care/adoption, surrogacy, donor or embryo adoption....God has a plan. And it's God's plan that trumps our plan every time. Just trust and place your hope in God until it happens for you.

I pray that our story; inspires someone to have the courage, and the persistence to hang in there and not give up. For this race is not easy; nor is it given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endures to the end. Hold on, my sister and my brother. It can happen for you if you just believe!!!

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